CIDESCO - The International Link to the World of Beauty and Spa Therapy

Honorary CIDESCO members

This honour is given to those past Board members who have preformed outstanding service to CIDESCO during their time as a CIDESCO Board Member 

Highest Award for Service Past Presidents only

  • Mrs. Ursula van Deelen, Netherlands
  • Mrs. Helene Weber-Bramwell, South Africa
  • Mrs. Nina Haas, Germany 
  • Mrs. Lou Mosky, Greece
  • Mr. Kyriacos Poupoutsis, Cyprus



Highest Award for Past Board Members only

  • Mrs. Jean Worth, Australia
  • Miss Baljeet Suri, Great Britain
  • Mrs. Joan Thornycroft, Great Britain
  • Mrs. Elise Wessels, Netherlands
  • Mrs. J. Anya Demoizé, Switzerland
  • Ms. Dianne Miles, Australia
  • Mrs. Ronelle Iten, Switzerland



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