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CIDESCO Background
CIDESCO was founded in 1946 to give Estheticians the opportunity to exchange experiences with their colleagues in other countries.

The aims of CIDESCO are

  • to promote Esthetics on an international basis;
  • to unite members on an international and national level;
  • to create recognised training centres at an international level around the world according to a CIDESCO training programme that leads to the CIDESCO Examination and CIDESCO Diploma;
  • to promote the exchange of professional knowledge, new developments and information by organising international congresses.

CIDESCO International has national Sections in 31 countries spread over the five continents. Policy decisions are taken at the annual World Congress. The General Assembly elects a Presidium of Board Members from different countries - the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Member for Education and Member for Public Relations. The organization is registered in Switzerland (Commercial Register No. 6632) and has its Head Office in Zurich.

61 World Congresses in 25 countries have been held since 1946.

Schools approved by CIDESCO International have to provide a training period of at least 1200 hours and follow a training programme. Today, there are over 250 CIDESCO Schools all over the world. Students undergo practical and theoretical examinations which are invigilated by an international Examiner appointed by CIDESCO.

Successful candidates are required to gain at least 600 hours of salon experience before being awarded their CIDESCO Diploma and CIDESCO Badge. Estheticians who have not been trained at an International CIDESCO School but have at least three years’ salon experience can also gain the CIDESCO Diploma by taking the CIDESCO Examination during an annual CIDESCO World Congress, or in a CIDESCO School when the regular examinations are being held, if this is acceptable to the School, or if such examinations are specially arranged by a CIDESCO Section.

Further details of these examinations can be obtained from the Secretariat of CIDESCO International, Waidstrasse 4a, 8037 Zurich, Tel. +41 44 448 22 00, Fax. +41 44 448 22 01,

E-mail: info(at)

Membership of CIDESCO International is obtained from the CIDESCO Sections.

CIDESCO Beauty Centres are beauty salons recommended by CIDESCO that provide clients around the world with the best possible service. These Beauty Centres must conform to certain conditions regarding the facilities provided, e.g. equipment, hygiene and treatments. The owners must be holders of the International CIDESCO Diploma and be members of the CIDESCO Section, which is responsible to CIDESCO for maintaining the high standard of the Beauty Centres. CIDESCO Beauty Centres may request a metal plaque to advertise that they are „Beauty Centres Recommended by CIDESCO“, which endows the Beauty Centre with the reputation and goodwill of CIDESCO. There are 78 accredited Beauty Centres worldwide.