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CIDESCO Section Nippon

Japanese Events

The Japanese CIDESCO Section Nippon held their General Assembly in May 2013. The event was coordinated with Beauty World, which is Japan’s largest beauty exhibition and was held over 3 days and attracted around 55,000 people.

The Section invited CIDESCO President Anna-Cari Gund to the events. Anna-Cari gave a lecture about organic ingredients and the importance of caring for the environment.

She then gave a facial demonstration, using an organic skincare line and mountain crystals.

This was followed by a party and get together for members. It was a wonderful opportunity for the members to meet the President of CIDESCO International.

CIDESCO Nippon had a booth at Beauty World and CIDESCO school teachers did facial demonstrations. Pamela Adkins, Chairman of CIDESCO Nippon gave a lecture and demonstration on face-lifting massage.

The National School of Aesthetics, New Zealand


Continuation from the CIDESCO LINK June 2012

The Yorkshire College of Beauty Therapy, Great Britain


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